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We take the mystery out of web development, while also providing services focused on your needs today and preparing for tomorrow's goals.

Web Hosting & Domain Registration

We offer a low cost yearly service for web hosting. Should you choose to contract us to develop your site or simply just host it for you we would be happy to assist you. Our Web Hosting Services includes monitoring for virsues, site backups (dependant on individual needs) and site personalized email. Contact us for more details.

Website Development

We develop primarily using wordpress. Why you might ask? Well let me tell you. Wordpress has developed from the blogging environment to a robust website framework that cuts down on development costs and gives the customer control. With a little bit of training, you the customer can make simple changes to larger changes should you wish. Click this link for some information on the benefits for choosing a wordpress web build. You might be saying..."well that seems to be a rather poor business plan, using a platform that can cut down on revenue", and you would be right. But I have a core personal belief to offer services at a reasonable rate. I started doing web development to help a mentor of mine, then friends and family to now you. My philosophy hasn't changed. You'll get the same service that my family gets whether you want us to manage the whole development t o just providing support. We are here for you.

Photo Editing

Should you have any Photo Editing needs we can assist you with these. Should it be resizing your photos for web needs, to wanting to create a collage of photos to be printed and framed we can assist you with this. Please contact for more details.

Computer Service and Repair

If you are in the London Ontario area and need some assistance from data recovery to reloading your computer to wiring your home for ethernet connections or setting up your wireless router, we offer reasonable rates.

WordPress Themes

We develop with a range of different responsive themes including a host of custom themes. For a sample of different options available please feel free to click this link to check them out..



Welcome to our webpage. A bit about myself and Wilkieland....I started with the vision to provide webhosting and web development so that anyone who was looking to have a website, whether it be a small personal blog to a large company, could do so in an affordable fashion. Over the past 30 years I have been in law enforcement where I had the opportunity to use my passion for technology to maintain several hundred computers and servers. As time progressed this included photo editing and web development. I have spent the better part of the last 20 years involved in technology in various forms. The vision of Wilkieland started fairly simple with my own website for my Martial Art studio , my other passion, which led to helping friends and family members with their web businesses. Our Goal at wilkielandwebhosting is to provide you, our customer with a service that focuses on what you are looking to achieve in a very cost effective manner. Give us a call or reach out via email. I look forward to meeting you. Dave

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